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Arrow Master Thread - links to other threads worth reading

In order to keep the forums from getting clogged with Sticky threads, this section was created so that links can be posted to other threads which may prove useful to newcomers and to those wishing a quick reference to popular discussion topics.

Please keep posts concise. The administration reserves the right to edit, merge, and delete posts as required to maintain an easily navigable "database" of sorts.


Glossary & Definitions

Personal summaries

Poly Vignettes: Sharing Success & Happiness

How Are You Doing? (Random Chat)

Book Recommendations

Lifestyle Issues:

Multi-Partner Cohabitation

Poly-Dating: How to meet like-minded people

Safe Sex - Standards, Practices, Information & Resources

Coming Out

Casual Sex - Discussion

Poly or Swinging

How To Get From Single To Poly


Monogamy Explored

Children and Polyamory

Polyamory and Asexuality

Sleeping Arrangements and Beds

Relationship Issues:

Communication Workshop

The Struggling Mono Thread

Survival guide for dating a mono

Don't Ask, Don't Tell policies

Relationships w/out Prescriptions

Primary/Secondary: Merged Threads, General Discussion / Debate

Jealousy, Envy, Insecurity, Etc.

"Red Flags" - Warning Signs in Relationships

Understanding Poly and Cheating

Psychological disconnect btwn sex and emotion

Imagine Your Ideal Relationship

How Many Is Too Many?

Rules and Boundaries

Social and Ethical Issues - Discussions and Debates:

Poly Standards, Theory, and Practice

Poly Lessons We Have Learned

Mono wiring Vs. Poly wiring

Young Poly News & Resources

Marginalization of Young Polys

Sexual Ethics

Poly vs. Sluttiness

Off-Topic / Recreation:

Word Association Game

Poetry / Poems

What do you do for fun & hobbies?

Why do you use the online name that you use?

External Links:

HBB Flowchart

Franklin Veaux's Journal

Loving More: New Models for Relationships

alt.polyamory FAQ

Aphroweb essay - NRE

The Polyamorous Misanthrope.

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