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Originally Posted by Curiousliz8877 View Post
Hi! I'm new to these forums and to poly in general and just wanted to say hi.
Hi back!
Originally Posted by Curiousliz8877 View Post
It's not about the sex for me- it's about forming new bonds and relationships with other like minded people.
You hit the nail on the head there.
Originally Posted by Curiousliz8877 View Post
As a newbie I'm feeling a little shy about taking the next steps with people
Awwww We're nice people, really! You don't have to feel shy with us.
Originally Posted by Curiousliz8877 View Post
I'm married, a mom with a toddler
You (and SkylerSquirrel) might be interested in the following threads:
poly books and stories (also films) for children (This one for when your children are a bit older.)
Children and Polyamory
And -for a whole list to work through: Threads Tagged with children

And two that newbies in general might find useful:
"Stop me if you've heard this one" - clichés we've heard from non-polys
Tags (Independently of this link, to get here you click on "search" in the blue bar at the head of your page, then on "tag search".)
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