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Default Just an update of our story

Hi gang! I wanted to drop you guys an update since I haven't been on here in a while. I had one post that you can see here:

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Well anyway...Boy have things changed since then. My wife has been seeing her other man now coming up on 3 months. They have had their alone time, date nights, etc. But we have also gone away on a mini vacation together with the family and her man. And he has since come over to our house to hang out and chat with us here. Man I have so much to say and it is really late, let me see if I can condense this and get the important stuff in

Well, I met him on vaca a couple of weeks ago. I was nervous as all hell. Even though I seemed to know what kind of person he was by how he treats my wife, I still didn't officially meet him. He really couldn't be a better guy. He sat down on the couch in our cottage, and I saw a little twinkle in his eye when he looked at my wife. I can tell they are smitten with each other The first night I felt like there was a frog in my throat and I didn't talk alot, but as the few days went on we talked quite a bit and, I think, really hit it off. Our son really likes him as well. They had a ball swimming in a nearby lake. (Our son doesn't know anything except that he is our very close friend)

He came over here a couple of days ago for the night. And that was a great time as well. The more I see him, the more I like him. I told my wife that if I was a chick I would be dating him myself, lol.

Some random thoughts...I was surprised at how tender and kind of all about my wife he is. He really cares about her in so many ways. Sometimes I look at them, or would be watching them interact, and be like...Wait a minute I should be doing things like this for her as well. But I guess after 14 years of being together I forgot some important things.

I have a little drop of jealousy that I have to work on, I have definitely noticed that the times all 3 of us were together.

And although I think he is a great guy, sometimes I still wish he would just commit to this for the long term, instead of kind of saying he is here now but would like a girl someday. I don't know. It's hard to explain how he said it, but when he did I could tell it bummed my wife out. Not that he shouldn't be happy in life, but just that he should at least be happy with us for now. And want it to continue for a while. He's like a big kid in some ways, but he is just a unique individual that is sometimes hard to get a grasp on...

Well that is it so far. I still don't fully know what to make of the 3 of us, lol. But what ever we are, and however long it lasts, I'm so glad we are sharing this time with each other. As he says, Sharing is caring

Tomorrow we are going to "come out" to our best friends. I think it is time to tell someone. I won't ever tell my family, as they are insane But would like to share this with our friends. I asked him if he told anyone, and he did tell his bestie as well. My wife gets a kick out of calling us "Her Boys" lol.

It's late and i'm rambling as I often do. Thanks for letting me share our life with you in this way. I hope you are all as happy as we are right now
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