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Originally Posted by MorningTwilight View Post
I know I'm polyamorous because even though i have tried very hard not to (out of a sense of loyalty to my wife, ...), I keep falling for other women, and even though I have kept those feelings bottled up and have not acted on them, they do not simply go away.
sounds too familiar. Though for me it's not women, just one woman.
...but I am the sort that aways prefers to have a small number of very close friends rather than lots of friends that I only share one interest with.

I think that, if you are in a steady relationship with someone, and believe you are in love, and yet you find yourself developing strong feelings for others, while still being in love with your SO, then you might be polyamorous.

This is a different thing from "fear of commitment."
So true. Fear of commitment is fear of truly sharing everything with another.
I think that is very different from poly.
Male, married, new here, not quite poly. (but poly curious)
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