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well, today is the day. the day that I've dreaded for so long and so far....I'm ok. today is the day that I know my wife is going to sleep with another man for the first time in 10 years. I just got off work and went to the gym which means it's shower and bed time. when I wake up it might be a different story.

she flew into town for a high school graduation which we had been planning for more than a year. since then she of course reconnected with the guy that is now her now BF. I have been preparing myself for this day for quite a while. I had some bad dreams about it a couple nights ago but I think I'm ok. I was able to skype with her yesterday before I went to work which always makes me feel better. it's really my only way to connect with her right now other than email. I won't get to skype with her today because she is going to be with him. she said she will send me some emails but I know she will be busy so I don't really expect to many.

is there any advice anyone can give me for when I talk to her sunday? like I said, right now I'm ok. this afternoon and through the night, I may be a nervous, trembling, angry, depressed mess. I don't know. maybe I'll be ok. I think I've accepted it. I know she loves me. this is just a new chapter in both of our lives.
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