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Default Something else to consider

As a single, white, emotionaly bi, sexually bi curious female who's actively looking for a couple, I've noticed one thing. Many of the couples out there seem too have very specific demands on who they want as their unicorn. Mostly that they physically are extremely attractive. I'm cute and pretty, but no barbie doll, so I seem to get eliminated as a possibility before they even get to know me. So maybe try to be open to other physical types or looks of women.

I guess I believe that love doesn't come from looks, it comes from how the souls of people connect, yes there needs to be some attraction, but can't personality be attractive?, I find that often times it's significantly more attractive than looks alone.

Ultimately though it comes down to you, we're out there, you just have to be open to us.
Single... emotionally bi.... sexually - bi curious...

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