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Originally Posted by KellyBryan View Post
@gwendolenthefair So in other words I am SOL??? MMM truly you and others on this site have given me MUCH to think about. I don't mean to sound greedy white whole SWF thing. We want someone to be part of the family, have kids with do what it takes to make is as binding as we can! We live in Canada so the laws tend to be a bit more relaxed ( not by much though). I and a bi female who wants this weather I was married or the other way around so I am sure there must be others out there but from what everyone is saying its either we have sex with another couple of I have a relationship with a girl without my partner. MMM much to think about!
I think there are more choices than that. Why not just try to socialize in places where "alternative thinkers" hang out, and see what develops? You two might meet another couple. Your husband might a straight woman he's attracted to. You might meet a bi or gay woman, or a man. It seems easier and involves a lot less drama when a couple pursues individual relationships for each other rather than a bi women to be with them both.
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