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thank you. what i want more then anything is respect, and not being left out of eveything, i was told one thing and shown another... i've talked to my partner and he either isn't listening or doesnt care too...
the way i see it i'm the one trying, the one who want the poly family. (and the only one of the woman who has kids) but for some reason, its not working out the way i was told it would.. its all about what the live in wants..

to me it should be equal across the board. I have other men too and i can tell you if one was feeling left out i would make sure he wasnt, not continue to disrequard his feelings and leave him out.. respect

one of my partners i have been with for over 6 yrs. i just started the poly relationship and i can tell you they both have equal respect, there is NO higher level just because i've been with one longer then the other
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