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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
Yeah, being friends with both halves of the couple seriously complicates this.
Yes it does. And I don't think I was entirely clear. It is not only both halves of one couple, but both halves of two couples. She and the man she hooked up with are both friends of mine, as are their spouses... I've had lots of wonderful dinner parties with just the four of them, plus O. We've been a close group.

Last night I got a text saying she "does not appreciate the fact I involved O, or the timing" but that she was "looking into professional help". Her b-day party is tonight - I'm not there. We'll see what happens with this research of hers. Talk is cheap, especially from someone whose truth I question.

Then this morning I got an email saying she told her husband about our night of fooling around... finally. I think he's angry, but I'm glad at least that is out at last.

Anyhow - I never told O about her and this dude. I was upset, he is very keen on these things, and literally guessed - almost as a joke that these exact 2 people were having an affair. I was making beans, and just stood there staring at the pot, shocked that he already "knew". There are obviously signs that they have something going on for him to get it so fast. It makes me believe that he isn't the only one.

Thanks for the advice, peeps. It's funny; In the most recent podcast of Savage Love, the very first caller sounds a lot like me. Serendipity, I suppose.

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