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Sorry it didn't work out to be a warmth filled experience of enlightenment and a promise to do better. That would of been nice huh? No big surprise though.

Really, years from now, or even weeks from now, she might realize the gift you gave her.

She thinks she has her shit worked out and that she is on a higher path, you brought her down to the ground and made her face something she was no where near interested in facing... much like an addict that doesn't want to get of the drug they are on.

She has to do it herself, but you showed her that you, for one, are not going to sit by and watch or be a part of this path she has chosen.

You shined a light in a dark place and she didn't like that you saw something different than she had been seeing. Maybe that gift will be big enough for her to venture into the darkness and look for herself... who knows.

Good on ya!

I hope you feel very proud of your actions. You should
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