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Default Attachment styles questionnaire

I saw the link on KT's blog but didn't want to hijack it. I thought people who wanted to take the questionnaire could share their answers here.

For the record, I assume that polys should answer "no" to the exclusive relationship question, and probably write down how long they've been with the partner they've been with the longest (if more than one partner and different amounts of time from one partner to another).

My attachment style is secure (anxiety 2, avoidance 1.25).

Previous research on attachment styles indicates that secure people tend to have relatively enduring and satisfying relationships. They are comfortable expressing their emotions, and tend not to suffer from depression and other psychological disorders.
Looks like a good place to be! I'm comfortable sharing my feelings, and I'm not afraid of losing my partners. I don't think I need to change anything there, so I'll try keeping in that same direction!

What about you guys? What is your attachment style, and how do you think you should deal with things to make sure your relationships don't get hurt by anxiety or lack of communication, if your attachment style is a more "problematic" one?
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