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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight
I was incapable of saying anything during them (the feeling is too intense), but the first time, while the intensity was ebbing, I turned to her and asked: “Have you just had a contraction?”
“Yes. It just finished 3 seconds ago.”
“Well, I had it with you.”
“Oh WOW!”That sounds so, so amazing.
It SOUNDS amazing? What do you think that it FELT like?!...

(I kept having them with her until they became less insistent and we all went to bed.) I was woken up the next day [I was sleeping on a mattress in the living room where the birth was planned to take place]: "OK! This looks like it!"
The mother asked me if I wanted to share another tobacco-free joint that morning. I turned the offer down...

Otherwise I might have gone down in the history books as the first man to ever give birth!

p.s. BEAUTIFUL birth: one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
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