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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
What was the single most disappointing thing about Gina's decision for you?
Two things, since I can't pick just one.

1) I won't be there to support her. I had visions of holding her hand, distracting her or coaching her as needed, running to fetch water just... being there. Instead, she'll be going through this difficult thing and I won't know how she's doing. I won't know if she's struggling or even in danger. I want so much to help, but instead if I was there I would just be making it harder for her. It's a hard truth to accept.

2) I won't get to share this with her. When I was growing up, my mom used to tell me the story of my birth, how my dad was there with her through the hard, long hours, how he went out and bought her a stuffed animal when she decided she wanted one. Whether it's easy or hard, traumatic or orgasmic, it'll be something she goes through without me. It'll be a story she carries through her whole life, and I won't get to reminisce about it with her. It makes me feel sad and separate.
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