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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Okay, perhaps a bit of a far-fetched idea here, but have you and Eric talked about maybe connecting sexually the two of you for... emergency purposes?
I'm not going to ask. Gia didn't purposefully decide not to be with me sexually. Her body and her mind are going through all these changes related to the pregnancy, and that's running the show right now. I know that she and Eric have had sex at least a little since she conceived, but my impression is that it's not nearly as much as it used to be -- she's had a near-constant yeast infection. If I have sex with him without her right now, I'd be rubbing it in her face that 1) she and I aren't having sex, and 2) he and she aren't having (as much) sex.

And anyway, there's no emergency, at least on my end... I have other lovers. Which doesn't mean I wouldn't love to jump Eric, I just think it'd be a terrible idea right now.
Sounds like a pretty responsible (and caring) attitude to me. Maybe Eric feels that he's on the losing end, but that's his call.
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