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Hi Annabel, just wanted to say I enjoy the hell out of your posts even though I'm somewhat slow to catch up sometimes.

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So there I was, staring at the screen trying to process the idea that my pregnant girlfriend was in the ER for an entire day and I hadn't known about it.
The next time I'm hitting the doctor (to get a hearing aid and an IUD, though hopefully not at the same fitting!) I'll ask them to add my flatmate in my emergency contacts. Also, if I get a job for the summer I'll add her as my next-of-kin alongside my mum, so that messes like the one you described above wouldn't occur. Just wondering if you have a similar system in place where you live, where they automatically contact the people on a patient's list if a medical emergency occurs?

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It's a weird thing to say, but it actually feels kind of good, now that it's over anyway, to go through an emotional crisis with my partner and come out the other side. In working it out, we show that we both have the power to affect one another deeply, and that we wield that power responsibly and compassionately. I DON'T want to go through anything like that again anytime soon, but in a strange way a crisis makes the relationship become real in a way that is different from when everything is smooth and quiet, or when the only conflicts are ones I'm dealing with internally. And when everything slides back into place afterwards and we can be relaxed and happy together, we see how resilient our relationship really is.
Flattie has been upfront lately about how she wishes I would be more of a friend and less of a parent to her. To communicate dissatisfaction in that way can, to my mind, be sometimes more constructive for a relationship than any amount of sweet-talk. To quote her 'You only dare to be angry with people you know won't be leaving you because of it'.

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There's no use trying to predict the future, and I'm not going anywhere for the time being, so I know I just need to suck it up. I'm seeing this through, even if my desire to strip off her clothes and gently touch her all over drives me crazy sometimes.
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Even though we rarely active collaborate on it, Eric and I are partners in crime... the crime of making a woman who deserves it very happy!
Okay, perhaps a bit of a far-fetched idea here, but have you and Eric talked about maybe connecting sexually the two of you for... emergency purposes?
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