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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post

I think you have it
No thanks to you, Mr Fussypants!


I was offering to step back from some things in order to give her more freedom in other areas specifically with Leo. She does not see this as an acceptable offer and therefore has chosen to step back with him. We were joking about it with Leo last night on text BTW...that felt good I must admit.
Well, that's good, as long as RP and Leo aren't laughing on the outside, crying on the inside.

Just to be clear this has never been about me not getting sexual needs met. Mine are met with abundance.
Presently. Yes. But if RP had sex with Leo, you'd be unable to have sex with her, and since you have no other partners, you'd be having no sex.

Hell, I'm overall less sexual now than I ever have been.."Explained" : I don't feel it as a need for the sake of sex but as a way I want to share myself with the person I love and trust.
So you say, since you are getting plenty now! Were you asexual/celibate before you were with RP?

I don't know if she has that as a hard and fast boundary or at all. She is more concerned about how Redpepper lifts his spirits and makes him happy.
Ah, OK. Thanks for clearing that up. So she'd be in favor of it, if RP and Leo wanted to have sex. Cool.
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