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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
That is correct new male partners to be exact.

The focus of this thread is not for me to justify my boundaries, but to explore the validity of my offered ways to work around them to some degree.

For me (interposing myself and my personality in place of RP here) it would mean while I gained something I was deeply wanting/yearning... I would lose something I valued just as deeply...

I understand the 'constriction' that RP must be feeling (I haven't read each and every post so am still sketchy on the details of what has happened)... and also the 'ew' that you would feel... and am very interested to understand your side of things - as I said very pertinent to my situation.

In my situation, while T and I have parted ways, I still feel the same, but as WW still has not fully accepted my feelings, nor T's, (and is only partially committed to the journey this takes us on) I am feeling constricted by not being able to fully grieve, nor even fully express my feelings... it is still very much a softly softly situation...

It is not the boundaries themselves, that I am interested in in this conversation... it is the freedom each of you has within your relationship to fully and wholly be yourselves, and each of you loving each other fully and wholly through that...

to that extent... I do have one question and this one is pertinent... and one I have asked WW and still not gained a clear understanding from it - likely there are threads on it, what exactly is the (your) problem with adding another male partner? and why does it not apply to women also? *while it is a personal question to you - I am asking more from a general undersatnding point of view*
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