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Default "Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself..."

It was only a few weeks ago that I read these terms "polyamory" and "polyamorous" for the first time... or knew that there was a movement going on out there! (I live on the side of a mountain and get to Internet maybe once a week or less. Sometimes I only just have time to deal with my e-mail and can't look at the news. And it's not the sort of things they talk about on the radio stations that I listen to at home...)
But I feel like I've found a home. I believe that I've been polyamorous for decades... and working slowly and painfully towards it before then. (My upbringing was in a right-wing, fundamentalist Christian family with the back-up of a British-colonialist school system. Hence the slowness and the pain.)
I quite early decided (in my HEAD) that jealousy is a weakness and no part of true Love. With each new girlfriend, I worked on giving up another chunk of jealousy.
Of course, the girlfriends had gone through some of the same brainwashing as I had - though perhaps not in such an extreme form. And so I got the occasional "Don't you REALLY love me?" (if I didn't go wild with jealousy when they flirted with other men).
And I'm sure that all of us have heard - or will hear - the accusation: "You're just too immature to handle a REAL relationship!" and / or "If you spread your love too widely, it's never deep anywhere."
Of course one answer to those is

True Love really IS infinite.
Thank you all for being there. If this is a movement, let's MOVE!
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