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Red face Oops. I may have f*@Ked up.

K. Here's the story. I had idealistic views on how my new poly thing would work out. Thinking that I would meet some nice guy who would know I'm married & would be open to poly... He'd meet my husband, everything would be perfect.

Didn't quite work that way. I met an awesome guy who was open to poly & knew I was married, we hung out for a long time & were great buds... But then my husband went out of town & it's not hard to guess what happened next.

I don't regret having sex with him at all: It's just that it happened backwards. We were feeling & not thinking. But I got what I wanted: someone who I felt closeness, connection, affection & intimacy from & for. But my husband hasn't met him & doesn't know I did anything. What do I do?

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