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Talking Hello =]

Hello there darlings =]

Indeed I am new, so bear with me

Me and my wonderful boyfriend of a year and a half have been talking and we'd figure to give the forum a try

I'm about as average as they can get, I am a college student. I enjoy music and dancing. I am very social. I have only minor trust issues, but once you get to know me, Im a really fun person When it comes to problems, I think about solutions and then pick the one thats best. I get the whole story before I do anything.

My boyfriend is about as amazing as they come. Hes very understanding and down to earth. He can help anyone with their problems and I love him for that. Hes really nice, until you piss him off, then watch out.

My boyfriend doesnt know this but I've been thinking about this for a Long while. Ive always wanted another partner, to share my problems with and to have that extra emotional support I was afraid to bring it up to him, I wouldnt know how he'd respond. But we talked and well, its all good now.

Well, Thats all about me for now. Have fun lovelys and dont be shy to drop me a line
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