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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Re (from learninginTN, Post #106):
Can I ask, was she always like this? Did it start when she started seeing her boyfriend?
The first 10 years of our marriage she seemed fine. When the girls were born, she was hit with a really bad depression, and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Started taking Zoloft, which seemed to help. But eventually she went off the drug, and her behavior towards me starting taking a nosedive: criticism, yelling, inpatience, and just a general mean-spiritness about her.

After the affair she started taking Zoloft again, and again improved her behavior. When we started swinging, she was off the meds again, and starting to treat me badly. But it's only been since she's been seeing her current guy that she has refused having sex with me, and she only started saying the D word since she started being serious with him (about three months ago).
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