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Re (from learninginTN, Post #106):
"ME: Damn, that was fun.
W: What was?
ME: The date.
W: Why?
ME: I think it's because she's always laughing and smiling.
W: That's because she doesn't live with you and the girls."
Just thought I'd belatedly comment about that and say, that was a cold thing of W to say. I think I know what she means, dating is funner than day-to-day living, but that was an unkind way of her to phrase it. Mean to both you and the girls. One example, perhaps, of her being disabled in the areas of common sense and basic human dignity and civility.

It also may be a clue that she is really, really unhappy with the life she has at home. I guess she must be getting something out of it, or she'd be suing for divorce even as we speak (and would not care for custody of the kids). But she is deeply unhappy at home -- not laughing or smiling, I guess we could put it that way.

As far as the chiropractic thing goes, I guess I can see the connection between that and the sinuses. I had just never heard of it before. So, that part's fine, it's more the "mixing of adult friend/authority figure with doctor roles" that raises a yellow flag.

I hope that W will improve, but you have to consider the possibility that she may be like this to some degree from now on. Can I ask, was she always like this? Did it start when she started seeing her boyfriend?
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