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Originally Posted by learninginTN View Post
If you look at the ACA website there is a lot of information about it. But those studies are not well supported, according to the AMA. So, in other words, fans of chiropracty are likely to believe in it, while those who are not are not likely to be swayed.

I don't think it will harm them, even if there are no real benefits. The big thing with me is him being around them and touching them without me being there.
Having never been to a chiro, but I imagine it can work similar to the effects of a massage. Every time I get a "good" massage, I can feel the pressure change in my ears and other sinuses areas.

Frankly that's not the issue. Is she pushing because he is pushing or has her brain just shut off in all her sexual excitement? I have a friend who does the most awesome massages, but I wouldn't even dream of having her touch my kids when they don't know each other. It's one thing to see someone on a professional level in their office, it's completely different when the same person is a personal friend, relative or lover.

It's time to talk to both of them, conference call if necessary, and tell him directly that you don't want him touching your girls until you are comfortable with how you see everyone interact.

If it's all about the "adjusting" then a good local pediatric chiro should work. If they resist this idea, then be seriously worried.
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