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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
What about medical relevance??? Aren't they really young ..?? 6,7,8

Outside of giving this guy something to do a free service ...what value is this going to have.???? Seems nuts ...really nuts ...she doesnt like being around them why would she want to drag them off to have something like this done ?
They just turned 5. I have no conviction at all about the benefits of chiropracty, except the knowledge that there's still a lot of debate about such. I have vague memories of being adjusted when I was young, and I have no idea why (my mother is gone and my dad doesn't remember). I haven't had any adjustments since. And I'm not sick a lot, or burdened with any kinds of back or joint pain.

He has convinced her they'll have fewer ear infections if he adjusts them. I have no idea why. She says all the time she wants to introduce him to our children, but I have been resistant to it, and have insisted on being there any time he's around them. And I will not change my stance on that until we're much further along with this relationship, and my physical and emotional needs are being met.
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