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I'm all for chiropractic for children, but there is no way in hell that I would want that to be the first meeting, IMO that is something that should be done after there's not a stressful dynamic going on, kids sense stress and their bodies wont be receptive to being adjusted and they could end up reacting badly to it (most likely scenario muscle spasms).

AKA Maybe a 4th or 5th interaction with him I'd see that would be fine..AFTER you and your wife get your shit figured out. As far as I've ever seen, even if one partner thinks a metamour is OK, if the hinge is acting in a crappy way, the situation cannot end positively unless they start being a good partner to - in this case - YOU again.

edit: You should ask him not to adjust them (without your presence, or at all, if that's what you want), if he is ethical at all he will not adjust them without your consent. I don't know the legalities in your state about adjusting without both parents permission, but considering he is dating your wife he'd be really stupid to do it if you didn't want him to, as opposed to if you and she were divorced, where it would likely be more permissible to do it with only one parents consent.

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