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I hope she does, too. The dating is certainly making me feel much better, though, and certainly is boosting my morale. Last night's date was so refreshing and fun. We sat and talked about my unique lifestyle, and she said she had been researching it, and even talked about a recent "Rikki Lake" show about polyamory. It was so wonderful seeing someone on the other side of the table laughing and smiling. Plus she showed a little cleavage.

Here's a text conversation W and I had after my date:

ME: Damn, that was fun.
W: What was?
ME: The date.
W: Why?
ME: I think it's because she's always laughing and smiling.
W: That's because she doesn't live with you and the girls.
ME: I'm sorry, I didn't mean that to come across as a dig at you.

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