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Default In Five Years

I think my ideal relationship would be one where my current girlfriend and I are able to enjoy a loving friendship with a kind and funny man who shares common interests. That whole "opposites attract" theory has never worked well for me. My girlfriend and I share so many interests that there's always something to talk about or do which both of us truly enjoy. No one has to spend a lot of their time tagging along while the other one explores a hobby, we inspire each other to try new aspects of our current interests, and it works very well.

If we could meet someone who would be a friend under any circumstances, because we get along so well, and then add the extra little bit of being able to enjoy physical intimacy also....That would be a dream come true. I think because love is the goal here, as much as friendship, we thought it fit the category of polyamory better than just FWB.

I don't know if we are Unicorn Hunters or not. I was under the impression that term meant a heterosexual man in an established relationship with a bisexual or bi-curious woman, seeking a new bisexual woman. I suppose maybe it means any couple seeking a third member, and has nothing to do with gender. I think the confusion comes in that for a F/F couple to find a middle aged man willing to be intimate with two women seems a much less daunting task than finding this apparently elusive third woman. Maybe I'm way off base on that one.

Time to see what happens if I add a new post to this long-dead thread.
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