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Trust me, when you can see routinely on top the fridge, it doesn't seem like such a blessing

My 5 year plan- well I don't have one. My only goal is to become self sustainable money wise. I've been doing quite well on the Internet recently, so just need to give it another 6 months to see if it's sustainable before quitting work and going at it full time.

There's a classical guitarist I like called Juan Martin who I've seen play here in the UK. He runs a guitar school in Ronda, near Malaga in Spain. The plan is to go learn classical guitar there, pick up the language and maybe a few Latina beauties while I'm at it. I would support myself with the Internet income - hence the need to validate that I can do it.

I have no poly type goals yet. Just sniff around and see where I end up.

I think I hear you on the man front. The Pidge feels soft and lovely, but she can't pull you tight in strong arms.
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