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Default My hero

The Pidge says she is totally fine with my man-cravings. I considered myself straight when I met her. She converted me, got her free toaster, and says she has no problem with my still wanting what I had for 30 years before I met her.
My man cravings really weren't just a phase.

Big strong men are so wonderful. Little strong men are wonderful. Having someone who can reach the high shelves, and tell me what's lurking on top of the fridge is a dream come true.

More important is what does The Pidge want? What will she need, in order to answer that question? I hope she decides to come back to this forum and interact with everyone again.

How about you, M.O.D? What does your five year plan look like? Is it filled with Amazon women inspecting the top of your fridge? Or multiple delicate, swanlike creatures swaying atop stepladders? Spill the beans!
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