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My sex drive increased at age 42, when I was still married and mono. I think it was partly a hormonal change. That is also when i started ejaculating like crazy during sex, and my ex and I were all, what the what??

At that time my youngest of 3 kids was 5 and finally sleeping thru the night. Also my husband was making more money than ever so we had time and money for travel, live music, sight seeing and fun things like that.

Also, he finally accepted that I am bisexual, instead of fighting it and mocking it.

So, we had tons of sex for a couple years, then tried to get a unicorn for my bi nature, which went horribly wrong and our sex life died for a few years. I was extremely depressed and went on Zoloft for a year and became sexless.

Finally I got advice from some online gfs and gave it one last shot and started subbing to him, and also desiring we go out on more dates and sexy weekend getaways again. Ex h was thrilled with the frequent (every night) sex, but by that point I was flirting online a lot with a number of men and ultimately he couldnt go back to being really poly with me so we broke up.

However, since our breakup, my sex drive has continued to be off the hook. With my gf, with all the guys I've been driven to flirt with, date and fuck. I am also doing all this kink stuff.

So, for me I think it was more hormones and having less responsibility to be a 24/7 exhausted parent. Because I was horny with the ex, with whom I did not get along in many ways, as well as horny with all the people since.

I am now 57 and my younger self would never have believed I would still be such an insatiable slut.

Good thing my 60 yr old bf can keep up with me. I mean, we only meet once a week for 24 hours, but generally have sex 4, 5, 6 times. In other words, have sex constantly with breaks for a bit of food and sleep and the occasional hike or museum tour. Um, quite often there is fondling on the hikes and in the museums as well, come to think of it.

It's funny, my gf is 35 and her libido is increasing lately. (We had a year of hot NRE sex and then about 2 1/2 yrs of less sex than I'd like. Maybe only once a week, and vanilla! Bleh!) But her confidence as a person and a woman is increasing a lot lately, so she's getting into that pattern too. I think. I sure hope so, because I love it.
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