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Are you saying that was your farewell post? or you didn't want to respond to my misconceptions.

Big distance between sociopath and pro (shaping the truth )

So just the happy wife and then the spill over sex. Check numbers 1 and 2.

You seemed troubled/ conflicted for some time now and did mention the depression or not wanting to get out bed and then sharing those feeling with your husband I didn't think it would have been that specific to be only twice. And most people can't hide their emotions that some mood bleed through is going to happen. Because of the distance and the infrequency of your visits and the other demands on his time it seemed natural that condition 1..happy wife and condition 2 spillover sex might not be happening. In most cases they are linked. Couple that with the emotional mop up ....hence the question. At least you can see how one might get there right?

Hey, from all you've written about your husband he seems to be doing great. He's happy, supportive, adventurous... better than most who come here. But how do you figure it's not all about you or at least didn't start that way.
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