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Still feeling overemotional today. I actually just want to crawl into bed and sleep for a while, since that usually helps, but I've got my toddler at home with me today so it's not really a viable option.

I emailed L and just asked him directly what is going to happen when the renovation is over; would things go back to the way they used to be between us?

He responded back that he knew I was looking for reassurances but he wanted to be completely honest with me. He reminded me that when we started seeing each other, his work brought him near my city once a month, and that doesn't happen anymore. He wasn't anticipating the promotion or the renovations, both of which ate into his free time significantly. So he can't promise that something else won't come up. It also sounds like work is going to continue to be a problem and he says the holidays are usually busy.

He tells me that none of this changes how important and special I am to him, and that he hopes that he'll have more free time in December. He has some time off then and thinks he might be able to make something work.

It's not what I wanted to hear... but it's also not what I was afraid to hear. Right now I still feel like I'm hanging and don't know what to do, except that I feel like crying.
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