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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
WhatHappened wrote:

I'm just going to throw this out there, and I'm sorry if it's hurtful or unhelpful:


I dislike the way he is being insensitive to your lack of interest in--and to your lack of time for--seeking another partner. How would bragging about his wife's kinky pms help you? How does it help you to hear how great he is at picking up women in stores?


I don't like that he's conveying to you a sense that he would be your primary if only he didn't already have a primary.

I wonder if his insistence on his deep, deep love for you is a wee bit manipulative?
Hi, Meera, thanks for your input. No, it's not hurtful. Just a couple of clarifications. He himself has never used the word love nor claimed I'd be his primary. If I implied those things, it's his behavior that speaks loudly, never ever his words. It's the way he has gotten so upset at the thought of this ending--which has only happened once in 10 months--when I have known him for years to be a very calm, even-tempered person, completely in control of himself. That's the only time he's said this would all work fine if I had another boyfriend--when he was quite upset. I believed at the time and still do that he was saying things he'd never say in his normal state.

The PM thing came up when we were discussing dating sites--I had briefly signed up on one--and his point was that I have so much going for me that I was going to be inundated with men wanting to date me and he added that just giving his experience with social sites--his wife being inundated.

The funny thing is, I know I don't want more at this point.
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