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But this situation has called me to think more deeply on human nature and relationships, why we have them, what their purpose is. My conclusion (at least in part, at least so far) is that the point of a relationship is that we have someone to help carry our burdens, as we help carry theirs. The point is that you no longer have to be the only one to whom your needs are a priority. There is strength and healing in simply knowing you matter that much to someone.


Yet I think there's a real difference between time being called away by inanimate things (activities, for instance--not sure inanimate is the right word) and by another person. It comes back to that human need to know we have someone walking by our side, who cares for us above all else, that we're not entirely alone in this world.

Quoting myself--how embarrassing! But I wanted to put these two thoughts together.

We as human beings are social creatures. We need to love and be loved. An activity can be fulfilling, rewarding, even life-changing; but it can't love you back, and I think that's the flaw in the idea of completely, entirely being your own primary and that having a full life should negate the need or desire for a person to love us back.

Lots of people can and do live life happily without a partner. But I think I'm coming to the conclusion that if I'm going to have a partner, I want him to be a partner, not just another activity.
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