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Wow, poor guy heads off to school, and is going to come home to a series of confirmations that he got engaged too soon I'm going to add to the assault by pointing out that he's also engaged to the first person with whom he's had any "proper relationship" as he puts it.

I know it happens, they tell me it happens, but I never really believe them... That whole notion that you can meet your life partner so young and somehow "know" they're the right person, without being with any other people and seeing what you like and despise in a relationship.

Fortunately, you're not monogamous, so you're not "stuck." You can be engaged to your first proper boyfriend, without risking cutting yourself off from future potential.

Again, breathe. Relax. Take a bubble bath.............Back yet? Okay.

Right now, you're all in a tizzle. That's not a time to make any decisions about the future. Chill out and go with the flow. You're not married yet. Just keep it that way until everything has settled. Wait until you've been with Sec for at least a year before you start wondering whether you like him more than Prim. Meanwhile, don't make any financial commitments to the wedding. Take it one day at a time.

Shucks, you're 21. Barely a pup. You have all the time in the world. What's your hurry? I heard that Denmark recently amended their immigration law, regarding anyone married under 28 to be in a "forced marriage." So according to Denmark, if you get married in the next 7 years, you and your husband will be raping each other. Or something like that.
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