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Before you worry about what might be, get on with dealing with what IS:
  • Missing period.
  • Lack of BC.
  • Lack of talk with Ted.

1) Take pregnancy test ASAP. The sensitivity at this point may not even matter -- you are at least a week in so... Let's hope it is a "no" and that solves this part of it. If you need to bring a period on, see your doc about a round of Provera and what may be going on with these other meds. Still have to deal with rest of list.

2) Learn more about birth control options. Condoms, please. Also lay in some Plan B or learn to use regular BCP as ECP if a condom breaks. You have that 3 days window before implant -- have it to hand so you don't lose time. You can also learn to chart to avoid rather than to conceive.

3) If termination is within your values -- figure out NOW where to go for next time. Not in the heat of the moment. Better to know and not need it, than need it and not know. Find out costs and all that.

4) If termination is NOT within your values -- figure out what your surrender options are in your area. Also your adoption options. Also your raising a baby options. Find out costs and all that. Again, better to know and not need it.

5) If YES, the pregnancy test is a plus -- you need to have a talk with Ted and make a decision. Actually, a whole bunch of decisions. Have this talk anyway even if not pregnant. You need to know if your values line up or not and both would want the same things from a pregnancy/not pregnancy.

6) All this is part of your responsibility to care for your own equipment -- your wonderful body. Who you share your body is your business, and that can be wonderful too. But bodies need keeping and care, so give yourself the TLC.

7) All this is part of Ted's responsibility to care for his own equipment -- he too has a wonderful body and who he shares it with is his business. His body needs his TLC care also -- and this includes each and every sperm cell his body kicks out. Please def. have conversation with Ted about dealing with this situation -- shared costs, shared responsibilities, shared decision making, etc.


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