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Originally Posted by RestlessMoon View Post
I guess what I want really does toe the line between "friend" and "boyfriend/lover", but labels are really hard to apply....
But I do want a little more than just late-night booty calls. So, this mythical relationship would fall somewhere greater than strictly booty calls and less than being expected to make an appearance at Christmas at grandma's.
I'm not sure I've ever understood the labels thing myself. On the one hand I live with E - we sleep in the same bed when our work schedules allow, make decisions together, wear rings, and plan to get married "someday, maybe." I refer to him as my boyfriend, fiance, husband, or whatever-he-is depending on my mood and who I'm talking too. Then there is also JP in my life - and I wouldn't know what label to put on that one either. He and I hang out, go to the zoo and take photos together, email back and forth during our workdays, and have 'hooked up' at least once a week for the past 6+ weeks - and he got a touch upset when I referred to myself as his "whatever I am" last weekend. His wife, J, then asked him what I was - because, oh yeah, he's married and she was sitting on the couch with us while we all three spent the evening chatting. He said I'm a FWB, she decided that no, I'm his lover. I did not get a say. I hope he's more than just a booty call, because I'm coming to care for him as much, much more than just a friend, but I would never want to get in the way of JP's 20 year relationship with J, just like he says he wouldn't want to get in the way of my relationship with E.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that labels aren't what make a relationship. No matter what you, they, or anyone else calls it, it is what you and your ______ put into it that matters.
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