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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
How is what you describe any different from those of us who have other partners? The level of commitment? "Intimate friends" or "friends with benefits" confuses me...
I guess what I want really does toe the line between "friend" and "boyfriend/lover", but labels are really hard to apply, since I'm kind of new to this.

I think the commitment and level of involvement would be lower with a "friend with benefits." I wouldn't necessarily expect to meet his family, for instance, or have a regular date night. Another difference might be that if he wanted to become involved with another partner who was monogamous, I could probably be OK with the sexual part of our relationship ending or being put on hold until it was convenient for both of us again.

But I do want a little more than just late-night booty calls. So, this mythical relationship would fall somewhere greater than strictly booty calls and less than being expected to make an appearance at Christmas at grandma's.
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