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Default Friends with "benefits" did you do it?

So, my hubby and I are totally new to opening up our relationship/polyamory. Actually, I still haven't figured out if I'm really poly or just semi-poly.

Anyhow, the idea of having a "friends with benefits" or an "intimate friend" appeals to me. I want more than just someone I only see for sex; I want someone that I can also joke with, watch a DVD, grab brunch, etc. Someone that I have a connection with, even if it's not a deep love connection.

But how do I turn existing platonic friends into intimate friends? Let's just posit that I have current single male acquaintances/friends who I am interested in connecting with in this way, and they know I am married but don't know about my new open/poly arrangement. How do I approach one of these people and "pitch" the idea of a FWB relationship? Help!
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