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Coming at this from the "other" side, I just wanted to add my comments.

I have a different definition of swinging then what is commonly used here. In my community, swinging is a _couple's_ activity. It's something that the couple does together, frequently in the same room. So it does not include having extramarital sex partners that the couple sees on their own.

I am not a swinger. I don't like having that label applied to me. I do see men outside my marriage for primarily sexual purposes since I have a very high sex drive and my H travels a lot for his work. He does not see other women, so by definition there, we aren't swingers, nor do we have an open relationship. I am a hotwife.

So the plan was just for recreational sex... but then I fell in love with one of my FWB. It's been intensely rewarding and I'm glad that we have an open, loving relationship, but I could never do this with any more men! I don't think I have the emotional time or energy to deal with any more "real" relationships the way I like to. However, I certainly do have room in my life for casual, sex based relationships.

I like sex. It's pleasurable and fun, and I always feel great afterwards. I don't see anything wrong with just having some physical enjoyment with a man I may not know very well but have attraction to. I also don't think it makes me "less" of a person, or lacking self respect, or anything like that. I'm just a fan of, if it feels good (and doesn't hurt anyone), then do it.
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