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Default swinging to polly is possible.

My girlfriend and I was swinging for years at a couples club that were mostly married, at first I dont think anyone cares about who is in a relationship with who, after a while you find you enjoy being with certain people, then you start to meet as a sub group say 6-8 couples at a hotel, all sitting around a big table having a light meal and drinks, girls talking about kids, jobs, men cars boats whatever just like everyday people, no one would ever guess we were swingers
and would be fucking our brains out within the hour, we looked to normal. all the guys were strait because I dont know of any girl that wants to be in a relationship or married to a gay guy but the girls were all unsuspecting bisexual before they started swinging, this was there night to let lose and eat all the smoothies they want for any reason while taking it from different guys, it was a lot of erotic fun for all, we discussed and acted upon being tested and showing our slips of paper, and yes we did enjoy being with the same people even though a couple would intro a new couple as much as a couple would drop out due to other commitments, other couples would break up for various reasons, but not because of swinging, some would ask if she could come with us as a three some, in these situations the guys need to rest up for a while, this was an ideal time for the girls to do their bi thing, girls seam to be so much more natural, sensual and passionate among themselves and noisy to, once we had a cop knocking on the door of our suit, told us to keep the noise down, at first we freaked! then laughed our asses off. we became close friends outside of the sex, if we needed a service of any kind we would rather see our swinging friends benifit from it than none swinging friends, the dictionary says "friend" is to know someone intimatly, but many people call themselves friends that are not, I find those people come and go, but intimate friendships seem to care more and last longer even though they may move away, I think swinging is excellent for none controling openminded people, however if you have a couple where one is openminded and happy with it and the other is closed minded and jealous thats a big red flag. I think swinging is a good starter for people wanting a polly situation, it seems to remove the fear and make it more natural to be intimate with another person or couple with your primary present, seeing my bisexual girlfriend go down on a girl or guy gave me an emence sence of pride in her as a caring sensual human being, she felt the same way seeing me with another girl, coressing or verbally urging her on to completion. however I think people in polly must be prepared to deal with all the issues of all the people as a group, the less mental baggage and the more financial responcibillity + more loving and caring within the group. Imagine four people having each their own home with housing food and utility cost of say $2,500 a month each or $10,000 collectivly, now they all move in together where cost are equally shared each could bank about $1,250 a month just from savings in housing cost, however the oposite can end up a mental nightmare of problems for those that are not financially or mentally ready for polly. the way this country is going its becoming financially impossible
for couples to keep their own home, im thinking of buying a large repo home (so cheap), and starting a polly clan, I think you are going to see more polly clans in the future and wouldent rule out inter breeding within the clan.
just my two cents, thanks for reading.
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