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I was failing to fully experience that pain, because for some reason I rationalized that because of the circumstances of I was down playing it in my own head. Instead of taking it all right then and there, I shunted it aside, and then I had to deal with it all over again later.
That speaks to me. Totally.

That's why if you read some of my posts you catch me going on and on about "Everyone hold their own bag!"

Everyone has baggage. I must deal with all my baggage. You must deal with all your baggage. (Not you specifically, aljs. The "You" that is the universe of people in general. We are all that You.)

Because we tote it around whether or not we unpack it, right?

Really better to unpack, sort, keep what still works, discard what doesn't. Travel more effectively through life with up-to-date baggage you maintain neatly.

It gets really FRESH when others who do not want to deal with their baggage want to shoosh it on me. What? Why do I have to carry it when you yourself don't want it? Deal with you own -- unpack it, and sort! I can be a friend and offer advice if you want, but YOU hold the keys to that bag and only you can open it and begin the sort.


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