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I am looking for anyone who can advise me or chat regarding non-hierarchical relationships, particularly the firsthand experience of those who also happily identify as non-hierarchical as I seem to only be able to find discussions on hierarchical relationships. Anyone have some experience on this topic to share with me? Any info would be good.
Alright. I'm non-heirarchy.

At this time we are Closed. In the old "V" I was the hinge and I considered them both equally important to me. But it was not anyone's fault that one side was older and further developed than the other. In time those mere months would have faded to nothing. But one side was LDR so that also played a factor in how fast that side could simmer. YKWIM? We broke up and parted friends, I married then BF now DH.

Now DH and I deliberate about Opening again one day -- but def after childcare and eldercare demands chills out some. My dad is first with serious mental health patient stuff going on. I anticipate the other parents to have more needs as they continue to age. So I don't want to do more than talk with DH. There's such thing as waiting for a good time to Open -- not in a super stressy time!

So my current experiences are in that bucket.

What did you need to know?

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