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My husband has given me veto power, but I haven't given it to him... Probably need to talk about that! lol Not that I would use it (for the reason below), but I need to make sure he understands where we differ on our acceptance of vetoes.

I don't believe in having a veto power in my relationships. I do believe in listening to my partners' opinions and taking them into account early on in a relationship with someone new. My partner(s) can't say "I don't like him, don't date him," but my partner(s) can say "I noticed that he does xyz or believes abc, and it rubbed me the wrong way. I just thought you should know now." I then know that new guy may have some negative qualities that I'm not picking up on because of NRE and I know that if I do get serious with new guy, current partner(s) won't want to hang out with new guy because of the qualities that rubbed the wrong way. I can then make a more fully informed decision on whether or not to continue with new guy. Also my husband (currently the only person I live with) has the right to say new guy can't come in our home, which would make dating new guy more difficult but hubby has a right to trust every person that comes into his space whether hubby is present or not.

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