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Hey, thanks for your reply. I guess I should have defined it more specifically: At this stage living with is not the issue for me, I am pretty relaxed regarding that

What I meant was I have noticed that in a relationship which has "primary" and "secondary" partners a lot of people seem to allow their partners a fair amount of control over whom they date, the decision to "veto" certain partners. This is what I meant by non-hierarchical, I do not have a "primary" partner and do not let any of my partners decide or pressure me into who I may not date or to demand/require something of me which restricts my relationships with my other partners (eg wanting to be the only partner I have sex with or ensuring that I spend the majority of my time with that partner, or trying to prohibit me from saying the words "I love you" to someone other than themselves, etc) as I don't see such things as their choice to make.

That make more sense? Sorry about the ambiguity, I tend to be bad at expressing myself.
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