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Today has been an exercise in frustration.

I just want to take my brain off the hook, but I can't stop worrying about a friend who is in a bad situation. I really can't out my friend's problems either. But it all leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Then I read things online here that just trigger me. It's not anyone's fault on this forum -- I'm just having a rough time digesting what was revealed in my real life offline. I've done what I can to help, ethically and morally. It's the waiting time. I can do no further.

Both men and women can end up in bad situations where they suffer mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual abuse.

I wish I didn't have to post the link to Speak Out Loud so often.

Especially the tactics list.

But if anyone reading my thread needs to know those, there they are.

If one can make a safe plan, hooray.

If one cannot manage better, call 911 and check oneself in to hospital to get evaluated. Safe there, and hopefully placed in shelter. Alive. Better alive with mega bills than dead.

I just wouldn't wish abuse of ANY kind on any body.

Disgusts me that people would hurt others so. In the name of "love" -- that's for crap.


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