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Originally Posted by Marcus
This is another valuable clarification from my new polyamorous friends in my coming to understand your viewpoint . . . knowing that your preference(s) is not quite as rigid as I imagined changes my understanding of your stance(s).

. . . I feel that I am learning a great deal about your viewpoints . . . Situation by situation, of course factors are going to be different.
There are so many ways to live polyamorously. You can't really make any assumptions about a "majority" by reading a few posts. There are numerous members here who only lurk and/or send private messages, so you are only reading the opinions of the most vocal of us. There are also many people in the world, I believe, who are managing multiple love relationships without ever having heard the word polyamory nor visiting a forum like this. Somehow they do it without adhering to popular opinion or someone else's rules . . . so anything is possible! We all create our own realities.

Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
Likewise, any family I might be a part of in the future . . . A family "laying down the law" on the outset . . .
I've seen you refer to communes; now you refer to families. Are you looking for a poly family to join? It seems that you think of polyamory as mostly a group living situation, or am I misperceiving you? As a solo polyamorist, I just want to point out that there are many of us who do not cohabit in a family or communal type situation, nor do we have any desire to do so. For a solo perspective, if you're interested, you may enjoy reading through this thread: Solo poly people - what's your ideal?
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