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Originally Posted by LadyKane View Post
However, I know he takes my impressions seriously, and I take his seriously as well.

... I want to meet them. I have faith he will tell me when that time comes, and not a moment before
When I got together with Dude MrS and I had another conversation about how things would go down if he (MrS) met someone he was interested in. He expressed (unsolicited) that he thought that it would look like - he meets a girl, he flirts with her, she expresses an interest, I meet her, they date/have "happy-funtimes" (i.e. sex). He basically expressed that he thinks that I have a better "crazy-screening" ability than he does and that he would want anyone that he is interested in having a more-than-casual experience to meet me before things got "involved" because he trusts me to detect "red-flags" that he would tend to miss.

To be perfectly fair this has never been tested. MrS has always been free to pursue other women in whatever way he sees fit as long as he keeps me "in the loop" (i.e. informed) - but in 20 years he has never been involved (sexually or romantically) with any woman that we both didn't already know, and in the vast majority of cases the encounter was largely sexual and negotiated by ME (i.e. he was invited to a threesome sexual encounter with me and a FWB). For him, expanding our agreements to include Dude seemed to spark another level of discussion/re-affirmation of agreements.
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