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Well, I hope your book helps you then. Mostly I think she's bad news. There's nothing here to "work out."

Choices in life are not always "win or win" or "win or lose." Some of them are "This choices stinks and this choice stinks. So... which one has the LEAST stink here?"

Alone vs the user roomie? Don't even call her GF -- GFs don't treat people this bad.

I'd go alone. She has no money but now she's out partying and smoking pot now at all hours of the night without letting you know, the BF? You are so not BF. Where's she feeding that habit from? And how? With sex? Stealing your stuff? Slapping it on credit?

You kinda have to get rid of her and be alone for a bit to be available for better.

To get to a partner who is HEALTHIER for you, and will bring you happiness to share rather than angst craziness.

It is not like healthy partner is going to DUEL her for you.


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