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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
I think that your point in posting this is valid, there is a certain structure to most poly relationships involving three people. But the egalitarian vee or the serendipitous triad at least don't quite fit the description of 2 +1 as there is no unit standing opposed to a single person, which the way of describing it as 2 +1 kind of suggests. Maybe it would make more sense to call this three person poly relationship structures or something like that. But your general description of the structures does portrait the basic reality of most relationships we seem to come across here.
To clarify, the thread in the Poly Relationships section of the boards that got me thinking about this topic, and where I originally posted this list, was about an established couple who were getting involved with a new person, and the OP on that thread was asking what the "terms" of different relationships of that type might be. I explained that there were no standard sets of rules/terms that I knew of, but that there were some common configurations.

So, by 2+1, I'm thinking about the origin of the relationship. Two people in a relationship, then a new person comes along. From there it can become something that might be better called 1+1+1, but does that make more sense?
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